Multi-Fuel Furnaces & More in Kingsley, MI

Alternative Heating Systems is your authority on outdoor furnace installation in Northwest Lower Michigan and throughout Kingsley, Grand Traverse County, Mayfield, and Paradise Township, MI. To that end, we offer some of the very best products from WoodMaster—an established, industry-leading manufacturer of wood-burning and multi-fuel furnaces. Let us introduce you to EPA outdoor furnaces to heat your home or business.

Wood Furnaces

WoodMaster’s selection of wood furnaces is extensive with capacities suited for every size property and heating demands. Consult with our knowledgeable experts to get more information about the wood-burning model that’s right for you.

WoodMaster Advantage

WoodMaster’s exclusive design incorporates key features that maximize Btu delivered. This gives you more usable heat while minimizing cutting and filling time—all with consistently comfortable heating.

EPA Outdoor Furnaces

WoodMaster CleanFire

Furnace operation couldn’t be easier. Features you’ll only find with the FireStar combustion controller: easy refire that saves the coal bed for quick, easy restarts, burn time monitor that helps to estimate when you need to add wood, and clean reload that reduces smoke when you open the firebox door and add wood.

Multi-Fuel Furnaces

For the ultimate in convenience and versatility, not to mention energy efficiency and reliability, there’s WoodMaster’s multi-fuel furnaces. We’ll gladly walk you through the benefits and capabilities of any of the models we sell.

WoodMaster Maxim

Based on your personalized needs, the FireStar™ II electronic controller automatically controls the water temperature, heat output and air settings. Starting the fire is as easy as pushing a button with the automatic electronic ignition. Capable of data collection with the ability to communicate with other devices (like the FireStar XP).

Woodmaster Furnaces in Grand Traverse County, MI

Choose WoodMaster Furnaces

Want to learn more about the optimum efficiency of WoodMaster outdoor furnace installations? Contact Alternative Heating Systems today at 231-263-7516 to get the scoop on wood-burning and multi-fuel furnaces.

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